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Homeopathic Energy DNA Testing

Homeopathic Energy DNA Assessment and Treatment - $140

Homeopathic Energy DNA Re-assessment and Treatment - $95

Treatment - $40

Homeopathic Energy DNA Treatment minimum 12 hours and over - $12.50/hour

Electronic Homeopathy is based on the principle that everything in nature, even substances that do not move, gives off energy as a vibration.

If a foreign substance enters the human body, its vibrations may have an irritating or destructive effect on the tissue next to it. This irritation may produce a variety of symptoms but instead of treating those symptoms, the effective cure is to remove the offender and strengthen all systems. And since the problem is the vibration, the most effective treatment is to correct the vibration.

We test this energy (your DNA) by testing your hair. We test all the systems of your body to determine what is performing at an increased rate (hyper), what is performing at a slower rater (hypo), and what is at a normal rate. Based on the information, we can determine what kind of treatment would work best to remedy the malady.

Based on this knowledge, electronic homeopathy does not depend on the response of cells alone. It focuses on the invader itself. To do this, electronic homeopathy uses electronically induced vibrations to change the destructive character of the invader. It is able to do this because, like everything else in nature, the invader has its own inherent toxic vibration. And just like regular Homeopathy, in electronic homeopathy the electronic values used are infinitesimal. This enables the cells and tissues to respond naturally and normally without shock or irritation to the rest of the body, because it is being restored and rejuvenated at the cellullar level and the immune system has more strength to fight off the invaders.


Relieves stress and strain on the body

Enables the body to fight off invaders and toxins by natural elimination

Removes the invader and strengthens all systems

This can be likened to car batteries. Your hair (DNA) is the jumper cables which connects the strong battery to the weak battery (your body). The strong battery is strengthening the weak battery to bring it up to full capacity while at the same time it is weakening the invader and getting rid of it all together.


1.  Low Cost.  The remedies tend to be inexpensive and the person can be at home and the healing can be done long distance, which saves time and money as well.

2.  Simple.  Non-invasive procedures or other complexity. 

3.  Requires little or no effort on the patient's part.
No dietary lifestyle, emotional or attitudinal changes are required of the patient, in almost all cases.  But to stay healthy, you need to change the lifestyle that started the bad condition.

4.  Excellent, at times, for diagnosing.  Some machines can scan the body for thousands of imbalances in a few minutes or less.

5.  Safe and non-toxic.  Most methods are non-invasive and their remedies are quite safe compared to drugs.

6.  Can be very effective for symptom removal.  Some people swear by homeopathy.  Foot reflexology is a fabulous way to reduce stress and balance the acupuncture meridians.

Homeopathy DNA is a form of homeopathy that depends on identifying frequencies using various types of machines, instead of just simple substances that are used in classical and even European homeopathy.  The concept is that each germ is characterized by one or more specific electromagnetic frequencies. 

Diagnostics.  Devices tune or pick these frequencies from the body.  Thus it can be used for diagnostic purposes in amazing ways without the need for invasive and often costly tests.  It is the diagnosis of the future without a doubt.

Treatment.  The same machine can be changed to add needed beneficial frequencies to the body such as for more strength, courage, vitamins or minerals.

The devices can also usually be switched to a mode where it can help remove harmful frequencies that might, for example, correspond with a germ, parasite, or particular type of cancer.

It is a fascinating science that has endless possibilities and more and more machines are available using this basic technology.

The science was developed in the early 20th century.  Usually the person to be helped holds electrodes or they are strapped to the body to create the interface with the machine and practitioner. However, an exciting feature is that it can be done at a distance with only a sample of hair, a fingernail, or an object belonging to the person to be worked on.  This saves a lot of time and money traveling to a practitioner.

These machines can also check the frequencies of herbs, vitamins, drugs and other substance by placing the substance on the charging place similar to the plate described above.


All energy healing methods postulate the existence of invisible fields of energy that permeate and create our bodies.  These fields go by various names including the chakras, the aura, the acupuncture meridians, the vital force, chi, qi, the odic force, orgone energy and others.  Enhancing, balancing, and otherwise altering these fields or frequencies of energy is the key to all energetic methods.

Most or all methods of energy medicine share certain principles:

* Subtle energies are real and reflect and affect our health.

* Subtle energies actually create our physical bodies.  Therefore, subtle energy treatments address the cause of illness at deep levels.

* The intensity, quality and balance of the body's energies can be altered by human contact, machines, polarized remedies, movements, breathing, and even one's thoughts and attitudes.

* Another human being can be used to direct or balance energies, to absorb or broadcast energies, or to act as a jumper cable to connect energies, frequencies or individuals.

* Resonance and induction are important in energetic healing.  Resonance is a rapport or harmony that can be established between two energies, frequencies or individuals.

* Induction is the idea that a frequency or energy sent out by one person, remedy or machine can cause a similar pattern in another person or substance.

* The process of matching another's vibration, and then altering your energy in order to effect change in the other.

* Distance is not a barrier for energetic healing, since the energies permeate all space.  Treatments of certain kinds such as prayer may be done hands on, at a distance.  Some of the sciences use an object from the patient such as sample of hair or blood.

* It is most helpful for the client to be receptive to the treatment.  No healing takes place unless the client wishes it to be so, whether or not healer and client are aware of it.

* There are layers of energetic imbalances.  While some energy medicine sciences suggest that one treatment is enough, most suggest a number of sessions to work through layers of imbalanced energies.  It depends on the condition, how long one has had it, and how you are willing to work with it.

* Most energetic healing methods blend physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual healing together to some degree.  Unlike conventional medical science that often tries to separate these, the energetic medical arts often see them as interdependent.

* Are orthodox treatments compatible with the use of this technology?

— There are many studies by highly respected medical researchers that chemo and radiation-therapies actually suppress the immune system and retard the body's ability to heal.  That said, "energy medicine" researchers have reported observing a reduction in the negative side effects of the classical orthodox therapies using "energy medicine" technology (such as decreased energy, fatique, lethargy, nausea, and improved appetite.

* How long will it take me to achieve my health goals?

— As much time as your body requires.  No two people are exactly alike and generally, although there are exceptions, this is not a magic wand.  Some experimenters report experiencing improvements within a matter of days, while others report taking several months or more; it can depend upon age, the severity of the condition, how often you use the machine, your state of mind, level of toxicity and the changes that you make in your lifestyle.  For example:  if you smoke, you need to stop; smoke is a poison.  If you are constantly stressed, you need to find a healthy way to relax and deal with the stress.  If you are eating junk food, you need to change to a healthier diet.  If you're not drinking a half gallon or more of pure clean water each day, you need to start.  If you're not taking nutrients . . . you know the rest.

* Does relief of pain mean my issue is completely corrected?

— Not necessarily.  It's not unusual for experimenters to report experiencing pain relief within a couple of days.  Depending on the cause of pain, however, more time may be needed to complete the correction process.

* Are the effects permanent?

— No. The forces of aging are upon us 24/7/365.  To stay healthy and young we must constantly do that which supports health and anti-aging. In most cases, disease is rooted in how we treat our bodies, and the way we think.  For example:  if you have lung cancer and you continue to smoke any improvements will be temporary.  If your issue is related to diet and you don't change it, your issues will return in time.  If stress is the cause and you don't find a healthy way to deal with it -- you know the answer.

* Why don't these frequencies harm healthy cells?

The electronic functions and wave structures of diseased cells differ from those of normal cells.  The frequencies produced cause the body cells to vibrate at a rate that makes them resistant to pathogens.  Simply put, they stimulate them vibrating them so they literally increase the cell's energy center and subsequently cause the cell to shake off or "discharge" the burden of toxicity.  Inherently, the frequencies can do no harm to the cell or the organism as a whole.

Certain studies indicate that the effects of this energy on the body can be profound.  All cells contain DNA, which is the blueprint of living molecular organization;  DNA is the functional unit from which the whole organism is built and constantly rebuilt.  The quality of energy (vibrational rate) coursing through the cells determines the health of the body; healthy cells vibrate at a very high rate.  Whether DNA sends an RNA messenger to initiate functioning depends upon the quality of vitality in all feedback systems in the universe of the human body.  The quality of energy feeding back to DNA is dependent upon the density of vibratory energy rate in the chain of p-election clouds throughout the system.  The electromagnetic field produced by electrons are emitted and re-absorbed constantly as bio-electric and bio-magnetic currents course through the nervous and circulatory system.  As they generate three-dimensional rotating magnetic fields around themselves that are highly beneficial to living organisms.

There is a significant body of research suggesting that when the cells do not get enough electromagnetic energy (due to stress, toxins, etc.), they become susceptible to degeneration and disease.  Our experience has shown that saturating the body with a complex deep broadband photonic energy spectrum rich in ultra-high frequency harmonics helps the body recover from serious health issues (pathogenic and age related), keeping it vital and strong and long lasting.

A study of dielectric spectroscopy reveals that most of the cells in our bodies absorb energy in the frequency range of 10 Khz to 1Ghz and beyond through a number of different mechanisms.  When they absorb energy, they increase the membrane potential and become more vital.

I hope this has helped you understand a little more about Homeopathic Energy DNA Testing.

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