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Personal Alternative Health Care Consultation

One Hour session $80.00

This is a one-on-one discussion on what the client's health concerns are and how to obtain overall better health. With the Herbal training Elaine has received, she can guide each client in healthier choices, which may or may not include herbs.

Herb Benefits:

Herbology involves the use of herbs to help promote health and prevent disease. These traditional herbs have been consumed for millennia to resolve illnesses and enhance wellness.

These herbal formulas can promote better mental health, as well as increase your energy flow and detoxify your body. The source of herbs' potency comes from secondary metabolites in plants; these are the properties in plants which activate their defense mechanisms, pigmentation, and fragrance. Some herbal remedies have a cumulative effect and work slowly over time to restore balance; others are used for short-term treatment of acute symptoms.

Botanical medicine comes in various forms. There are potent liquid and solid extracts, powdered or tablet-form supplements, strong tinctures or mild teas, and homeopathic remedies to treat an ailment. Whatever the choice for you, you should consult a health professional to find out which herbal formula is appropriate. It should be noted that certain formulas should not be used by pregnant or nursing women or by children.

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