The benefits I receive from my good massage is the reason I continue to return to Natural Health Ministries.
Irene P.

There are several things I can look back on and see the great benefits that Natural Health Ministries provided for me.

  • The Homeopathic DNA Energy Testing reinforced the things I thought where going on. Helped me realize that I needed to get serious about my health.
  • It was recommended I take my gallbladder out. I felt I was too young for that type of surgery. And there had to be another alternative. With the herbs recommended and the colonics I still have my gallbladder.
  • Reflexology helped my back and neck.
  • More than anything, mentally and spiritually I have been helped.
    Becky P.

With using the Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyewash 3x a day combined with some Homeopathic Energy DNA Treatments, the eye pressure range for Glaucoma dropped 48 down to 13 and 32 down to 11. Great results.
Norman L.

I had a chair massage the first time I met Kathleen from Natural Health Ministries.  Since, I've had the deep muscle massages and they have worked amazing for my low back pain.  I would highly recommend her service to anyone! 
Char M.

The girls are the most caring, dependable, and accessible. I came at first in a kind of unbalanced state ~ bumping into doorways and the bruising easily. Now I no longer have that issue at all.  My husband was suffering from nose bleeds and now no longer having these either.   We really appreciate all Elaine has done for us with her guidance through out the years. We think this is the solution center.
Don and LaVern Risch